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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on Japan's Comments on China

Q: Japan has recently stated repeatedly that Japan and China should engage in dialogue, that no preconditions should be set for dialogue between their leaders, and that Japan's doors to dialogue are always open. It also stated that the two sides should return to the "initial point" of the strategic relationship of mutual benefit and prevent particular issues from causing a halt in the bilateral relations. What is China's response?

A: The serious difficulty now facing China-Japan relations is caused single-handedly by Japan. Japan should correct its mistakes and make concrete efforts to remove the obstacles in the bilateral relations. Empty calls for dialogue will not solve the problem. I wish to emphasize the following points:

First, China is firmly committed to its position of upholding sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands. At the same time, we always stand for settlement of the issue through dialogue and have made strenuous efforts towards this goal. The crux of the issue now is that Japan, while making high-sounding rhetoric on the one hand, has been engaging in assertive and provocative actions on the other, demonstrating no sincerity for dialogue at all. Japan should adopt the right attitude, match its actions with words and create an enabling environment and atmosphere for talks between the two sides.

Second, the purpose of dialogue is to find solutions. To solve a problem, one has to first and foremost face it squarely. In diplomacy, it is common sense that both sides need to make full preparations if a high-level dialogue is to be held. However, Japan has made every attempt to dodge the issue of Diaoyu Islands. It does not even recognize the fact that this issue ever exists, nor does it want to have serious and meaningful dialogue with China. Japan should face up to history and reality, demonstrate sincerity and make efforts to resolve the issue through dialogue.

Third, the principles established in the four political documents between China and Japan form the foundation of China-Japan strategic relationship of mutual benefit. Based on these principles and in a spirit of "taking history as a mirror and looking ahead to the future", the two countries should properly handle the issues affecting the bilateral relations, enhance exchanges and cooperation in various fields and promote the sound and steady growth of the bilateral relations. It is important for Japan to understand the true meaning and essence of China-Japan strategic relationship of mutual benefit.

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