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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on the Zimbabwean Election

Q: Zimbabwe held general election recently. What is China's comment?

A: Zimbabwe held presidential, parliamentary and local elections on July 31. At the invitation of Zimbabwean government, the Chinese government sent an observer mission led by Ambassador Liu Guijin, the former Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe and South Africa and former special representative of the Chinese government on African affairs. According to the Chinese observer mission, the election is peaceful, orderly and credible with a high turnout and smooth voting. The Chinese side expresses congratulations on that and highly applauds the Zimbabwean people’s patriotism and sense of independence. We hope that all political parties running for the election could accept the outcome, the international community could respect the Zimbabwean people's choice, and Zimbabwe will hence enter a new era of peace, reconciliation, development and renewal.

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