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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on the China-Concerning Part of US President Bush's Speech on His Asian Policy

Q: It is reported that US President Bush delivered a speech in Thailand on 7 Aug on the US policy towards Asia, which mainly focused on his China policy. Bush spoke highly of China's development achievements and the development of the US-China relations over the past yeas, and also touched upon China's human rights and religious situation. How do you comment?

A: Through the joint efforts of both China and the US, the bilateral relations have kept a sound momentum of development over the past years. The two sides have conducted effective dialogue, exchanges and cooperation in extensive bilateral fields and major international and regional issues. Facts have proved again that despite the differences between us, China and the US boast comprehensive common interest and foundation of cooperation. A sound China-US relationship serves the fundamental interest of the two countries and their people, and the peace, stability and development of the Asia-Pacific region and the world as well. We are willing to work together with the US to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, properly handle our differences and sensitive issues, so as to promote continuous and stable development of the China-US constructive cooperative relations.

The Chinese Government adheres to the principle of putting people first and governance for the people and endeavors to safeguard and promote the basic rights and freedom of the citizens. The Chinese citizens enjoy their religious freedom according to law. These are facts witnessed by all. For the differences over human rights and religious issues, we always uphold dialogue and exchanges on the basis of equality and mutual respect to enhance understanding, narrow the differences and expand common ground. We resolutely oppose any words and deeds using human rights and religious issues to interfere in other countries' internal affairs.

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