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Li Xuhang, China's Consul General in Dubai, Publishes a Signed Article Titled "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed; the Fire is the Test of Gold" in the Newspaper "Al Bayan"

On 3 February 2020, Li Xuhang, China's Consul General in Dubai, published a signed article titled "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed; the Fire is the Test of Gold" in the newspaper "Al Bayan". The following is the full text of the article:

Since January 23, the Chinese consulate general in Dubai has launched an emergency response mechanism for the outbreak of pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, established contact with Dubai Health department, and then gave instruction and reminder to the Chinese citizens for safety protection and prevention from the novel coronavirus in the consular area. On January 29, the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that 4 Chinese citizens in UAE had been infected with pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus. On the same day, we immediately provided UAE with detailed information on the flight to UAE, activity traceability and close contacts of the 4 infected people coming to UAE, and also assisted the health authorities of UAE and Dubai in taking anti-epidemic measures. Now the 4 confirmed patients are under quarantine treatment and in stable condition. We are sorting out the information and the health status of the citizens from Hubei Province of China to carry out stricter and more comprehensive monitoring of the epidemic. We will also give more effective assistance to Chinese citizens who are in need.

Our anti-epidemic work have got great support from massive Chinese -funded organizations, overseas Chinese and Chinese tourists in UAE. At the request of the Chinese embassy in UAE and the consulate general in Dubai, all the Chinese citizens who had direct or indirect contact with the 4 confirmed infected patients, the employees of Chinese-funded organizations and their families who recently came to UAE from China have been under self-quarantine and monitoring for 14 days. Those with the fever symptom should report to UAE Health department to receive epidemic screening. Among those in self-quarantine, some are the backbone of their respective companies whose isolation means their company will suffer huge economic losses; others are school students who would miss school for a long time for their parents have met with the diagnosed infected patients; still others are tourists planning to take only a few days off to travel but could not now do so even though they are in Dubai --they can only visit the Burj Khalifa Tower on their computer. All of them have left the difficulties to themselves to ensure the safety of all of us. Until now, no new infection cases have been found.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus and has taken the most stringent prevention and control measures, especially on the source and epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan city of Hubei Province. Since January 23, Wuhan has closed its airport, railway station and other routes in and out so as to prevent internal spread and external transmission. This shows a highly responsible attitude towards global health security. The positive outbreak response of the Chinese government has been appreciated by the international community.

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