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H.E.Consul General Li Xuhang Held An Online Video Conference With The Preparatory Team Of Dubai Chinese International School

On March 13, Consul General Li Xuhang held an online video conference with Yin Liping and other preparatory team members of the Chinese International School who just arrived in Dubai, to exchange views on the preparations for the Dubai Chinese International School. Vice Consul Tan Li and other officials attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang highly appreciated and warmly welcomed school principal Yin Liping and his team to carry out education work in Dubai regardless of the danger of the epidemic. Li Xuhang also said that entrusted by the Ministry of Education and selected by Department of Education of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou Education Bureau, Yin Liping led the working group to carry out the preparatory work of Chinese International School in Dubai, taking the first step of China's full-time elementary education system going out and achieving high-quality innovative development on the international stage, which is of great historical and practical significance. Zhejiang Province, especially Hangzhou, has very mature experience in education and high-quality educational resources. Principal Yin and his two colleagues are senior education experts of Hangzhou. Hangzhou No.2 Middle School is a well-known brand of elementary education in China. It is a “strong alliance” for No.2 Middle School to establish the Chinese International School in Dubai. With the strong support of the majority of Chinese-funded institutions and overseas Chinese and the Dubai government department, a world-class overseas Chinese international school is believed to be built. As the first Chinese International School established overseas, it is hoped that the school can give full play to the advantages of elementary education in China, absorb advanced western teaching concepts to create a "Chinese heart", “Global Vision", and play a radiating role to promote the overall improvement of the Chinese elementary education level in the UAE based on the actual needs of Chinese students in Dubai, and set a good example for the international cooperation and innovative development of China's elementary education.

Yin Liping said that the purpose of running Dubai Chinese International School is to provide high-quality services for the children of Chinese-funded institutions employees and overseas Chinese in Dubai to receive high-level elementary education of China. The goal is to cultivate high-quality talents with a Chinese mind, an international vision and a humanistic feeling. The school will focus on China's elementary education courses, while also take the international courses into account to meet the actual needs of local Chinese students who will return to China for further study or be promoted to international institutions. Yin Liping thanked the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, and the Hangzhou Education Bureau for their strong support and guidance for the preparation of the international school. He said that at present, the preparation for the establishment of the school is advancing in an orderly manner, and he is determined and confident that under the leadership of the Consulate General and with close cooperation of all parties, the goals of enrolling students in April and starting school in September this year will be successfully achieved.

The Dubai Chinese International School, which is under construction, is a non-profit full-time school covering 15 years of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. It is based on Chinese full-time courses and supplemented by international courses, including English, Arabic, sociology, ethics and other locally required courses. The school plans to contain 1,800 students, of which the primary school will start this fall, and it is planned to recruit students in grades 1-5, and expand the enrollment section year by year.


Members of the Chinese International School Preparatory Team:

Yin Liping, an undergraduate in English and a master in education leadership, has more than 30 years of teaching experience in elementary, junior and senior high schools, more than 20 years of experience in education, teaching and general logistics management, and has also participated in the establishment and direct management of the international department for nearly 10 years. In March, he will be assessed by KHDA (Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and be proposed to be the school's general principal.

Zhao Baidong, a senior teacher, a famous teacher from Zhejiang, and a member of the Hangzhou Professional Title Evaluation Expert Group, has won a number of honors, and has extensive experience and capabilities in general logistics services, management, and campus construction. He is proposed to be the vice principal of the school and be responsible for general logistics.

Zheng Jianhua, a rising star in education of Zhejiang Province and a provincial disciplinary leader, has made achievements in elementary education, teaching and scientific research, and has won many awards in classroom teaching and subject research competitions. He has been the head of several departments and the principal of the elementary school and has rich experience in teaching and scientific research management. He is proposed to be the school's vice principal and director of the elementary school department, in charge of the primary school department.

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