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Establishment of a Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for the Covid-19 Pandemic at the Consulate General in Dubai

On March 27, 2020, the Consulate General in Dubai held a video conference on joint prevention and control mechanism of the covid-19 pandemic with Chinese companies, agencies, and overseas Chinese including students. More than 150 people attended the meeting, including Consul-General Li Xuhang, Deputy Consul-General Sun Xudong, representatives of Chinese companies, agencies, societies, and overseas students in Dubai and Northern Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Li Xuhang gave a speech in which he conveyed greetings and regards from the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council to all overseas Chinese, thanked the Chinese companies, agencies, and overseas Chinese people in the UAE for their donations of fund and goods to fight the covid-19 pandemic in China, and he pointed out that the global situation of the covid-19 pandemic was increasingly severe, making it both important and difficult to prevent and control the pandemic in the consular district. Pursuant to the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Consulate General has been trying to help overseas Chinese, who have been the concern of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council. The Consulate General set up a joint prevention and control mechanism for the Covid-19 pandemic for Chinese expatriates from all walks of life in the consular district. With this mechanism, the Consulate General can invest more efforts and concentrate on their work to promote consular protection, protective guidance and material support for expatriates in the consular district. The Consulate General will provide full-coverage services both horizontally and vertically to guard people's safety and health, while working closely with the UAE government to fight a good fight for the people against the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

Li Xuhang said, the first point is that through the joint prevention and control mechanism, the Consulate General will lead the many Chinese companies, agencies, and communities to take on responsibilities in external communication, supplies, medical services, voluntary assistance and so on to bring full-coverage services to all Chinese expatriates in the consular district. Localized management will be carried out to extend horizontal coverage to the fullest. The Chinese companies, agencies and provincial chambers of commerce should take everyone in their units into care so that every Chinese can feel supported in this challenging time. Secondly, each large-scale Chinese company or agency have formed their separate joint prevention and control mechanism work groups, each led by an official from the Consulate General according to the strengths of the organizations. The goal is to see the groups cooperate and fulfil their responsibilities so that state-owned enterprises can help overseas Chinese groups, presidents can help members, superintendents can help staff, and volunteers can respond to emergencies, thus forming a full vertical coverage. Thirdly, in the anti-pandemic work of overseas Chinese groups, participants should set a high standard and display a positive image. The anti-pandemic work in China has set a standard for the world, so we should continue to show China's positive strength and effective schemes through actions. We must try our best to help others while maintaining the progress we have made at home. With joint efforts, we can surely win the second half of the fight against the pandemic and celebrate the final victory. The Consulate General will compile information guides, safeguard services and the contacts of volunteers in different areas provided by Chinese companies, agencies, societies, hospitals and supermarkets into a "Joint Prevention and Control Guidance of the Covid-19 Pandemic" for people's reference.

Delegates were of the opinion that the establishment of the joint prevention and control mechanism led by the Consulate-General is timely and essential. The relevant measures are thorough and effective. They said it is a practical means to prevent and control the pandemic, one that can inspire overseas Chinese and bring them warmth and a sense of security. The mechanism embodies the purpose of "diplomacy for the people". Under the leadership of the Consulate General, all parties can shoulder their responsibilities, carry out effective measures, contribute fund and efforts and fight the pandemic together.

After the conference, Li Xuhang gave an interview to China Central Television.

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