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The Al Bayan in Dubai Reports the Establishment of Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Consular District led by the Consulate General

On March 29, the Al Bayan in Dubai reported the establishment of a joint prevention and control mechanism for the covid-19 pandemic in the consular district led by the Consulate General. Below is the full report.

China's Consulate-General in Dubai Calls for Cooperation in Fighting the Pandemic

As the covid-19 pandemic develops globally, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai and overseas Chinese have given full support to the UAE government's prevention and control measures, and are determined to cooperate with its arrangements to strengthen the prevention and control of the pandemic in the Chinese community and make "Chinese contributions" to the UAE's success in fighting the pandemic.

On March 27, Chinese Consul-General Li Xuhang held a video conference in Dubai, announcing the establishment of a joint prevention and control mechanism for Chinese companies, agencies, societies and students. More than 150 people of different backgrounds joined the conference, including Chinese representatives from Dubai and Northern Emirates. Conventioneers put forward plans and ideas while discussing prevention and control measures.

Li Xuhang stressed that the covid-19 pandemic is people's common enemy, and its prevention is currently the top priority. Never before has the fate of humankind so closely connected. His community would like to thank and pay tribute to the efforts of medical workers in the United Arab Emirates. Communities are the second battleground in the fight against the outbreak. He said Chinese expatriates should strictly abide by the anti-epidemic rules of the UAE government and stay at home, which is a valuable lesson learned in China's fight against the covid-19 pandemic. The United Arab Emirates possesses adequate supplies and a sound medical system, he said, and he is confident that they will work together with the UAE people to fight against the covid-19 pandemic together and rejoice over the victory.

Li Xuhang introduced that the goal of the joint prevention and control mechanism for the covid-19 pandemic is to assist expatriates in external liaison, supplies, medical services, voluntary assistance, etc. It can gather and utilize resources to serve the overall anti-epidemic work in the United Arab Emirates. The Chinese companies, agencies, and communities have shouldered their respective responsibilities and cooperated with each other to aid the anti-epidemic work in the UAE. They provide full coverage services to more than 200,000 Chinese expatriates, and at the same time to other communities in need of help at the request of the UAE government. Li suggested people should enhance the awareness that humankind shares a joint destiny, and they should work together to fight the people's war against the covid-19 pandemic.

Conventioneers said that China's domestic achievements in fighting the pandemic by now show that the disease is preventable and controllable, which has encouraged overseas Chinese. Li also stressed that Chinese companies, agencies, expatriates and students should take the initiative to fulfil their social responsibilities, making "Chinese contributions" in the overall anti-pandemic cause of the UAE.

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