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The Consulate General in Dubai Hosts Seminar on Scientific Introduction and Prevention of the Covid-19

In order to help overseas Chinese, students as well as the staff of Chinese enterprises to better understand the pandemic and the scientific ways of fighting it, the Consulate General in Dubai, in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates Overseas Chinese Association and the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification in the UAE, invited Professor Wang Guiqiang of the Peking University First Hospital and Professor Zhan Qingyuan of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital to hold an online seminar on "Scientific Introduction and Prevention of the Covid-19" on April 11. More than 270 people attended the seminar, including Consul-General in Dubai Li Xuhang, superintendents of Chinese companies, agencies, and societies and representatives of overseas Chinese students. The seminar was broadcast live on Chinese Arabic Television, with more than 3,000 online viewings on that day.

Li Xuhang said the consulate has been striving to convey the concerns for overseas Chinese of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council through actions in accordance with the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The consulate initiated the establishment of a joint prevention and control mechanism for the covid-19 pandemic. With this mechanism, the Consulate General can invest more efforts and concentrate on their work to promote consular protection, protective guidance and material support for people's safety and health. The Consulate General invited Professor Wang Guiqiang, a national expert in epidemiology and viral pneumonia, also one of the drafters of China's covid-19 diagnosis and treatment plans, and Professor Zhan Qingyuan, who had just returned from the forefront of anti-pandemic fight in Wuhan and is still in quarantine. Together, they introduced useful knowledge about the pandemic. The goal of the seminar was for people to know scientific facts about the virus, improve self-protection, and have confidence in fighting the pandemic together.

In the seminar, Professor Wang Guiqiang mainly introduced the pathological characteristics, transmission characteristics, infection course and protection priorities regarding the covid-19, while Professor Zhan Qingyuan shared his experience in fighting the pandemic in its epicentre, Wuhan, and talked about lessons learned in the "war" against it and ways of protection. The two professors then patiently answered questions from participants online.

The overseas Chinese in the consular district said that the three-hour seminar was rich in content, highly professional and gave them practical guidance. It helped them deepen their understanding in the virus and improved their self-protection measures while giving them inspiration and confidence in fighting the pandemic.

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