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Consulate General in Dubai Held a Video Conference with Overseas Chinese in Al Ras

The Dubai government decided to impose strict closure measures on Al Ras from April 1, blocking the movement of pedestrians and vehicles inside the area as one of the prevention and control measures against the covid-19 pandemic. Al Ras is one of the main areas where overseas Chinese live and conduct business. Therefore, the control measures have brought much influence on the life and work of overseas Chinese in Al Ras. On April 13, the Consulate General held a video conference with overseas Chinese in Al Ras to lend help. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including Consul-General Li Xuhang, representatives of overseas Chinese in Al Ras, representatives of overseas Chinese volunteers and heads of overseas Chinese business associations.

In the video conference, representatives of overseas Chinese in Al Ras introduced the general situation of overseas Chinese in the closed area, including their living conditions and the supply of pandemic essentials. Representatives also discussed the main troubles people experienced in container customs clearance, tax declaration, rent relief and purchasing daily supplies, etc. Volunteer representatives talked about how overseas Chinese helped each other during the pandemic. Leaders of business associations also voiced their assistance measures such as donating protective materials, providing rent relief, grid-like coverage of services, volunteer service vehicles, free access to online commerce platforms and so on. The staff of the Consulate General and conventioneers had in-depth discussions on the difficulties raised by representatives and the problem of stranded expatriates, in search of possible solutions.

Finally, Consul-General Li Xuhang delivered a speech in which he expressed compassion for the overseas Chinese in the enclosed area and paid tribute to the volunteers who provided selfless services. Li Xuhang pointed out that the CPC and the Chinese government are highly concerned about the health and safety of overseas Chinese citizens, and the Consulate General attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the pandemic in overseas Chinese in the consular district. The Consulate General has established a joint prevention and control mechanism in accordance with the instructions of Chinese leaders, and has carried out full-coverage grid consular assistance both horizontally and vertically. Al Ras closed down soon after the establishment of the joint prevention and control mechanism. Since then, the grid liaison officers and volunteers have actively assisted overseas Chinese in need of help. With people helping each other during this difficult time, the joint prevention and control mechanism has been shown to be effective. The Chinese expatriates in the enclosed area strictly carry out self-protection and actively abide by local prevention and control measures, setting a high standard for overseas Chinese in other countries. Li hoped that overseas Chinese would continue to abide by the United Arab Emirates anti-epidemic measures and stay at home with a positive mindset. He suggests overseas Chinese should perform their duties and help “overseas Chinese associations to help members” in pandemic prevention and control. In accordance with the “territorial principles", appropriate assistance should be maximized. The Consulate General will coordinate all available resources to help fight the pandemic. It will weather the difficulties together with overseas Chinese people until the final victory comes.

Conventioneers thanked the Consulate-General for holding a timely video conference to listen to the voices of overseas Chinese and respond to their concerns. The meeting was pragmatic and efficient, as it helped ascertain main problems and measures to be taken, lending people confidence and courage in fighting the pandemic.

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