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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Seminar on Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 Pandemic for Dubai Government Officials
On April 15, the Consulate General in Dubai, in cooperation with the Dubai Branch of ICBC, held an online seminar on the prevention and control of the covid-19 pandemic for Dubai government officials. Consul-General Li Xuhang and business counsellor Wu Yi attended the meeting. Dr Chen Xunxun is a PhD in Respiratory Medicine Department, Deputy Director of Guangdong Tuberculosis Control Center and Vice Director of Guangdong Support Medical Team to Jingzhou, Hubei. She and her team were invited to the seminar, in which More than 100 people participated. They are from more than ten institutions and government departments such as the Sharjah Investment Promotion Board, the Dubai Health Bureau, Dubai Economic Bureau, Dubai Social Development Bureau, Dubai Customs and Dubai International Financial Center.

Li Xuhang thanked Dr Chen Xunxun and her team for their strong support for the event. He said China's outstanding achievements in combating coronavirus have set an example for the world, and the "China Experience" and "China Plan" to combat the pandemic have attracted global attention. Hosting this online seminar for government officials and institution staff in the consular district is a concrete measure to give full play to the advantages of the joint prevention and control mechanism led by the Consulate General, which coordinates resources at home and abroad to provide Chinese wisdom for local prevention and control of the pandemic, thus making "Chinese contributions" to the world. Staff from more than ten UAE institutions and government departments actively participated in seminar, demonstrating that the event is timely and caters to the need of the UAE government. Participants learned much through Dr Chen's professional expertise and experience sharing.

While sharing first-hand experience, Dr Chen Xunxun introduced China's anti-pandemic experience, medical treatment, personal protection, etc., and interacted with participants from the UAE and answered their questions. Participants thanked the Consulate General for organizing the seminar, which provided them with a valuable opportunity to learn about the lessons in China's frontline anti-pandemic work by experts. They said the exchange was highly useful, and they have a deep respect for China's effective anti-pandemic measures.

 UAE media including Gulf News and The National reported on this event. Li Xuhang gave an interview with China Central Television.

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