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The Consulate General in Dubai Holds a Seminar on the Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 Pandemic for Overseas Chinese

On the morning of April 16, the Consulate General in Dubai, in association with Dubai, Shandong, and Sichuan branches of ICBC held a seminar on the prevention and control of the covid-19 pandemic, inviting Professor Dong Liang, who is Director of Respiratory Department of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and Head of Medical Treatment Group of Coronavirus Headquarters of Shandong Province, and Director Zhou Bo, Director of Psychosomatic Medicine Center of Sichuan People's Hospital and Deputy Director of Sichuan Covid-19 Psychological Intervention Expert Group. Consul General Li Xuhang, business counsellor Wu Yi, and more than 200 overseas Chinese including staff from Chinese enterprises attended the meeting.

Li Xuhang thanked the two experts for attending the seminar, saying the current "second half" of the anti-pandemic fight is very serious, and that the UAE has taken strict control measures. The Consulate General established a joint prevention and control mechanism, which provides full-coverage services both horizontally and vertically in medical services, volunteer assistance and essential supplies. The goal of the event with the two experts who have dealt with the pandemic in the frontline and their sharing in experience and knowledge is for participants to have a deeper understanding in the covid-19 pandemic, equip a better mindset towards it and improve their protection measures.

Director Dong Liang introduced in detail the characteristics, transmissions and infection course of the coronavirus, while sharing the experience of working in Wuhan. Dong introduced the general situation of China's anti-pandemic work and shared stories of brave medical workers who travelled to the most dangerous places to work. The director also answered eight typical questions such as the use of air-conditioning, asymptomatic carriers, etc.

Director Zhou Bo explained how to adjust mindset and overcome tension and anxiety during the pandemic. Zhou guided participants to view the pandemic rationally, improve their prevention measures scientifically and relieve the psychological pressure brought by the epidemic situation. By having a positive attitude, people can build up the confidence and determination to fight the pandemic.

Overseas Chinese in the consular district said that the seminar was rich in content, practical and useful in deepening the understanding of the coronavirus. They thanked the Consulate-General for organizing the many seminars. They also thanked and paid tribute to the experts who have fought at the forefront of the pandemic.

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