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The Embassy and Consulate in UAE Holds Video Seminar with Representatives of Chinese Enterprises in the UAE

On April 24, the embassy and consulate in the United Arab Emirates held a video forum with representatives of Chinese enterprises in the UAE. Ni Jian, Ambassador to the UAE, delivered a speech. Li Xuhang, Consul-General in Dubai, presided over the meeting. Superintendents of nearly 30 Chinese enterprises in the UAE attended the forum.

Eight of them gave speeches on their efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and the influence of the pandemic on their production and operation activities, etc. They said this in-depth online forum held by the embassy and consulate in this special period shows the concerns and care of China and the CPC towards people working in overseas Chinese enterprises, and they are grateful for it. They promised to contribute to the fight against the pandemic by meeting the requirements of the embassy and consulate in the UAE, furthering their efforts in pandemic prevention and control, and ensuring the stability of their teams.

Consul-General Li Xuhang introduced the current situation of the epidemic in the UAE, speaking positively of the work done by Chinese enterprises in the UAE since the outbreak. He thanked those Chinese enterprises, which donated fund and supplies for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in China, and hoped that Chinese enterprises in the UAE could keep up with the development of the pandemic, attach great importance to internal prevention and control, and strictly implement prevention and control measures to guard people's safety and health.

Ambassador Ni Jian made concluding remarks, stressing that the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council, as well as relevant departments at home, were paying close attention to the safety and health of the personnel working in overseas Chinese enterprises. The embassy and consulate in the UAE are always concerned about everyone's safety, and they asked the UAE government to ensure the health, safety, legal rights and other interests of Chinese citizens in the UAE. Six requirements were put forward for enterprises to comprehensively fight the pandemic and gradually return to production: they must improve their political stance and fulfil responsibilities; have a positive mindset and stabilize their team; promote awareness in bottom lines and keep the balance between anti-pandemic causes and resuming production; focus on solving key problems and optimize on-site management; ensure proper treatment and the safety of employees; think beforehand and reserve enough facilities and supplies. The embassy and consulate in the UAE will, as always, support the development of Chinese enterprises and help them to solve problems in their operations.

Media including China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency and Economic Daily conducted reports on this forum, and Ambassador Ni Jian gave an interview to China Central Television.

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