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Consulate General in Dubai Holds Video Meeting with Stranded Chinese People

On April 27, the Consulate General in Dubai held a video meeting with the Chinese citizens who are stranded in the consular district and facing serious difficulties. Officials of the Consulate General including the Vice Consul-General Tan Li and about 500 stranded Chinese people attended the meeting presided over by Li Xuhang, the Consul General of China.

Li Xuhang explained to the stranded people about the joint prevention and control mechanism in the consular district established by the Consulate General. He also showed them the help that was provided to the stranded Chinese experiencing severe difficulties. Vice Consul-General Tan Li collected opinions from the attendees about the priority ranking of who should take the temporary flights. Several stranded people expressed their opinions saying that they understand and support that the people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women and others in need enjoy the priority of evacuation. They also eagerly hope that the Consulate General will promote the restoration of commercial flights as soon as possible.

Li Xuhang said in his concluding remarks that the Consulate General is actively communicating with the Dubai government to promote the resumption of flights. However, in view of the severe pandemic and the high risk of long-distance travel, it is recommended avoiding this kind of travel without essential necessity to reduce the risk of infection and protect people's health and safety. Meanwhile, the Consulate General will continue to aid Chinese people in the consular district. Those who are unable to return to China for now can seek help through the joint prevention and control mechanism for anti-pandemic materials. During the Ramadan, some Chinese restaurants also provide stranded Chinese people with free meals to help them through the current difficulties.

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